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African Travel Guide is a must have guide for anyone who visits or sells travel to Africa. It is saturated with information to help with planning the perfect trip, where to go, what to do and probably as important, what not to do.

Our travel guide is compiled and expertly written by African travel specialists and local travel destination specialists to provide comprehensive information for travel research and planning.

Always Expanding: Travel Guide will continue to expand, to embrace all the countries across Africa where there is an established level of interest in tourism and an infrastructure to support tourism.

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Honeymoon & safari destinations National Parks and Game Reserves in Africa
These National Parks and Wildlife Reserves provide refuge for the rich legacy that is truly Africa - its wildlife and their habitats.
Honeymoon & safari destinations

African Tribes

From Amboseli to Zululand, the people of Africa provide warmth and spirit, vibrant rhythms, mystery and romance.
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Gateway to East Africa
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Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda

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