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Adopt-a-Page  (Content Provider) Guide

Participate in this exciting collaborative project! Join us in sharing with site visitors all the reasons why Africa is a dream travel destination. If you're familiar with Adopt-a-Page, use this form to contact us (else, please read more before submitting the form).

          The Africa Travel Project

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The World of Travel (Africa) Project is the collaborative work of a diverse group of independent travel and destinations specialists - folk with depth of knowledge and experience on the subject and content of the adopted/provided web pages.

Destination specialists wanted!
We emphasise the need for content providers to be "local specialists". For example, tour outfitters, tour guides and local operators, game rangers, innkeepers, naturalists, diving operators, local residents with specialist knowledge - and all with a passion for the subject of their choice.

With Page Adoption comes the responsibility to provide page content and images, to keep the page relevant, accurate and interesting. (Note: NO web design or web development is required.)

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Unable to provide page content (adopt-a-page)?
Refer to the Local Business Link Offer to B&Bs, Tour Guides, Local Services, etc. (Sidebar).


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Examples of Limitless Possibilities

The Scope of the Project

Phase 1 of the project focuses on the fourteen Africa countries highlighted on the map. This is however not a limitation on scope. Contact us if you're not shown on the map but are interested in participating!

Not able to participate in Page Adoption?
Please refer to the Sidebar Local Business Link Offer on local pages for small businesses (B&B, Tour Guide, Local Service, etc.).

Benefits of Participation
Page Adoption (the contribution of page content) provides prominent free advertising and website link benefits on the page - and more free advertising benefits on directory pages: tours, accommodation, resorts, activities, events and more.

Guidelines, expectations and terms and conditions of page adoption:
General Guidelines | Text Content | Image Quality | Copyright |
Our Right to Edit Content
| Page Adoption Ground Rules |
Terms and Conditions |

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Benefits include free advertising

Prominent block advertising on your Adopted Page can be linked directly to (a) your website; and/or (b) to a personal, product or service web page within the site. Your product or service will also be listed in any relevant Service Directory pages for Tours, Accommodation, Safari Lodges and Camps, Adventure Activities, Events, etc. (as applicable to your product or service - and also at no cost).

The Project Vision for the World of Travel (Africa) Project is to build a website that delivers rich content, diverse options, facts and inspiration for travel planning - and to provide contact with travel services when the traveller is ready to book their trip.

With the active participation of destination specialists in this project, we expect that Phase 1 (Africa) will grow to a large number of web pages. The site will be actively promoted in search engines, to travel consumers (leisure, business and corporate incentive programs) and to international travel agents. With this commitment to active promotion and with search engine optimization, this will in time ensure a steady growth in traffic to this site and to linked sites.

Please refer to the page adoption ground rules.

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General Guidelines

Disclosure by

General Guidelines

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Guidelines for Text Content

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Requirements for Images and Image Quality

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Copyright of Text and Images

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Our right to edit content

We reserve the right to edit text, content and layout on a page to support quality, page flow, page optimisation, links and website functionality.

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Page Adoption Ground Rules

Our offer of page adoption and page publication in the website may be recanted under certain circumstances:

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Terms and Conditions

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10 More Reasons
to Adopt a Web Page

 1 You're passionate about the topic covered
 2 You have an in-depth and personal knowledge of the topic
 3 You want to participate in a large collaborative website - for the exposure that it will provide for your business or interests
 4 You have a way with words and enjoy writing about travel topics
 5 You want to inspire travellers to visit the attractions in your local region
 6 You want travellers to contact you about your inn, hotel, resort, tour, adventure activity ....
 7 You want to share your specialist knowledge and interests with the world
 8 You want your web pages to link to your own website and improve your site visibility
 9 You can expand your network of contacts to other page content providers and people with similar interests
10 There's no fee for participating in this project!

Applicable to Local Services only

* Local small business B&B, Restaurant, Market, Adventure Activity, Spa, Tour Guide... *
Link to your web site from relevant local web pages.

Visitors surf these pages to learn about local destinations, activities and attractions - and to reach out directly to you.

Have a short descriptive link to your website from the page sidebar. It's complimentary (no fee) if you provide a reciprocal link back to any agreed FindTripInfo web page. Non-reciprocal links are available at a fee of $5 per link per month.

We invite you to take a look at the categories and example(s) on the Garden Route page.

Offer is valid through December 31, 2011 subject to annual renewal, revision or withdrawal.

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