Apr 29

Cape Town’s Beaches and the balance between Nature and Recreation

Think of a city with invitingly sunny shores. Los Angeles. Myrtle Beach. Sydney. Cape Town. All lie close to latitude 34° (north or south). All offer great beaches and ample sunshine, a magnet to vacationers. That’s probably about as far … Continue reading

Apr 20

Volunteering abroad

Giving back, making a difference but seeing the world at the same time is a noble way to travel. We don’t all have the time to spend a month or a few months volunteering in a village or school, but … Continue reading

Apr 13

Penguins of Boulder’s Beach, South Africa – UPDATE

These little guys in their tuxedos are cute and photogenic, a major attraction on Boulders Beach, which is part of Table Mountain National Park, South Africa. They are also endangered. It seems that the African Penguin also known as the … Continue reading

Apr 06

eBook Review – Photographer’s Guide to Etosha National Park

“Never judge a book by its cover”, so the saying goes. I always do. Here’s a book that covers (a) wildlife and nature photography; (b) shows me “how” to record those incredible memories; and (c) relates the lessons specifically to … Continue reading

Mar 30

Is Travel Insurance Necessary?

Many travelers prefer not to buy travel insurance. Travel budgets are typically stretched to the limit so the choice often comes down to leaving in some value add luxuries versus the cost of insurance. After all, insurance can be costly … Continue reading

Mar 25

Top Ten African Safari Photography Tips

1. Compose the scene – don’t just ‘point and shoot’ – think before you depress the shutter button. Think in terms of the rule of thirds – where have you placed the subject in the frame, where is the horizon … Continue reading

Mar 23

Empower our children

I was always told that we teach by example. “Practice what you preach,” I was told. I learned through the years that my son was (is) a sponge, and he learns from my actions. So, when I heard about the … Continue reading

Mar 18

Planning your African Safari

If “African Safari” is one of life’s experiences that you’ve long dreamed about and have included in your Bucket List, then you must also have a mental picture of how your safari will unfold. Will the “real thing” match your … Continue reading

Mar 16

Car rental hints and other rental stories.

I started thinking about all the aspects of travel that we have to think about when going on a business trip or vacation. The one thing that always puzzled me was car rental. There are so many options. When is … Continue reading

Mar 09

What is culinary tourism?

Perhaps for some of us a vacation of adrenalin heart stopping adventure is just too much. Perhaps a vacation visiting ruins and historical places is a tad blah. We could be among those folks who find adventure in exploring new … Continue reading