Apr 09

Africa’s Eco Tourism Boom

When choosing a holiday, an increasing number of people are looking beyond the traditional touristic elements of a destination. As awareness of the environment grows across the world, people are looking to partake in environmentally sustainable traveling that not only … Continue reading

Jan 05

eBook Review – The Photographer’s Guide To The Pilanesberg National Park

When thinking of Africa, we visualize endless savannas and open vistas as far as the eye can see. For many of Africa’s parks and reserves this is true, but there are also intimate locations not as widely known that offer … Continue reading

Nov 07

What is a Mekoro Safari?

A mekoro (also: mokoro or makoro) is a traditional canoe made by hollowing out (by hand) a large tree trunk. A mekoro in Botswana is a common sight, especially in the Okavango Delta. Polers will stand at one end, and … Continue reading

Nov 01

Best Time To Visit Victoria Falls For Activities

When I booked trips to Victoria Falls, people often asked, “When is the best time to go?” It was always such a difficult question to answer. I always answered with a question, “What is it that you want to see … Continue reading

Oct 17

Pilansberg National Park, South Africa

FindTripInfo.com is consistently working towards providing travelers with quality information to help plan, and navigate their trips to Africa. The maps on the FindTripInfo.com site are designed exactly for this purpose. We provide them as an additional reference to the text … Continue reading

Sep 19

It’s A Dung Thing – Recycled Paper

There’s this little town on the Garden Route, South Africa, called Sedgefield. It’s a quaint, quiet little place with many artists and retired folk. What makes it stand out in my opinion is the Scarab market, and the hand made … Continue reading

Sep 11

Small Town South Africa – Sedgefield

I am always amazed at the treasures found when traveling through small towns. It is as if they lie in wait to marvel and surprise visitors as they pass through. Sedgefield on the Garden Route of South Africa is one of … Continue reading

Aug 15

Watamu Marine National Park – Kenya

We often marvel at the natural beauty around us, but what about the beauty that is not as easily seen? The colors, shapes and sizes in our oceans are just as spectacular. Watamu Marine National Park in Kenya is a … Continue reading

Aug 08

Spring Flowers of Namaqualand

Every year the arid landscape of the Northern Cape in South Africa is transformed into a kaleidoscope of color. Wild daisies, along with other flowers, bloom in whites, yellows, oranges, magentas and reds, carpeting the fields and road sides in … Continue reading