May 17

Cullinan Diamond Mine – a totally unique adventure

As a mining town Cullinan has become world famous. It is located a mere 20 minutes by road from the city of Pretoria, near Johannesburg in the province of Gauteng, South Africa. Cullinan’s Premier Diamond Mine, once owned by Sir … Continue reading

May 11

Cape Town’s Shipwrecks: SS Kakapo (May 25, 1900)

The Atlantic shoreof South Africa’s South Western Cape is littered with shipwrecks, each with a story to tell. The notorious storms and fog along these shores provide a common thread to most tales, as does the unique interplay between ocean … Continue reading

Apr 29

Cape Town’s Beaches and the balance between Nature and Recreation

Think of a city with invitingly sunny shores. Los Angeles. Myrtle Beach. Sydney. Cape Town. All lie close to latitude 34° (north or south). All offer great beaches and ample sunshine, a magnet to vacationers. That’s probably about as far … Continue reading

Apr 20

Volunteering abroad

Giving back, making a difference but seeing the world at the same time is a noble way to travel. We don’t all have the time to spend a month or a few months volunteering in a village or school, but … Continue reading

Mar 09

What is culinary tourism?

Perhaps for some of us a vacation of adrenalin heart stopping adventure is just too much. Perhaps a vacation visiting ruins and historical places is a tad blah. We could be among those folks who find adventure in exploring new … Continue reading

Oct 15

Pack for a purpose

Travel agents are often asked by clients for a list of items that they can take along on their trip to donate to schools or orphanages. This is a tough one because the need is so great in Africa. A … Continue reading