Colors in the Overberg

During the month of August drive east from Cape Town over the Hottentots Holland Range towards the Garden Route, about 100km (62 miles) along the way the mountain road curves around the Houw Hoek Pass. This is when a yellow splendor of color engulfs your senses. The Canola fields are in bloom.

Canola Fields in the Overberg

Canola Fields in the Overberg

It is one of the most amazing sights of natural color that I have ever seen. The complete contrast between blue sky and yellow flowers is incredible. The Overberg translated to English means ‘over the mountain’. It is an agricultural region where colors fill the landscape month after month.

The color spectrum flows:

  • Light brown hues of January,
  • Dusty tans of February and March complement the mountain backdrop
  • Brown deepens to rust in April and May as cooler temperatures introduce autumn (fall)
  • The neatly ploughed fields start a rebirth of greens and golds in June, as the wheat plants start to break ground. The green extravaganza continues into July.
  • My favorite time is August and September when the greens intensify and the Canola flowers burst forth in tight arrangements of yellow that carpet the landscape.
  • October is welcomed with fragrant Apple Blossoms and white chincherinchees along side golden wheat fields.
  • In November and December the show comes to a close as a drier season takes over to prepare for the light brown hues of January.

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