eBook Review – The Photographer’s Guide To The Pilanesberg National Park

When thinking of Africa, we visualize endless savannas and open vistas as far as the eye can see. For many of Africa’s parks and reserves this is true, but there are also intimate locations not as widely known that offer some of the greatest gems. Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa is not a large park in comparison to the likes of Kruger National Park but it is arguably one of the top wildlife destinations in Southern Africa. It is this essence that is captured in ‘The Photographer’s Guide to the Pilanesberg National Park’, a new eBook by Mario Fazekas, Jenny Fazekas and Edward Peach.

For anyone passionate about wildlife photography, the ebook highlights not only what the park can offer but also how to capture it on film. It is an indispensible guide for both pre-trip planning and while on safari, with tips on the right time of the year to visit and the right camera equipment to take along. The authors discuss the choices of lodges within the Park and share detailed knowledge on how to maximize a day out on safari with a camera. What an asset for anyone travelling to Pilanesburg National Park!

Egyptian Geese

Egyptian Geese in PilanesbergNational Park
Taken with a Nikon D3S with 200 – 400 mm lens on beanbag at 330mm ISO 9000, 1/1000 sec at f8.

One of the points that I really appreciate is the comment at the beginning of the ebook, that it is not necessarily the photographer with the most expensive photographic equipment but rather the photographer with the best knowledge who will succeed in taking the best photographs. This ebook arms the photographer with enough information to really shine behind the lens and have fun doing it.

Lion and Zebra

Lion cub with Zebra Kill in PilanesbergNational Park
Taken with a Nikon D300 with 200 -400 mm lens on beanbag at 400mm ISO 800, 1/1000 sec at f4

I found the ebook to be exceptionally user friendly with many ‘how to’ explanations and tips on travelling to the park and what to expect. Detailed maps outline the roads, tracks and waterholes within the park and pinpoint best locations to observe and photograph wildlife based on the time of day and season. There are 15 photographic lessons that address challenges such as patience and lighting (lesson 5), shooting silhouettes (lesson 10), and photographing on a night safari (lesson 11).

The authors give detailed accounts of their own adventures, challenges and successes as they travelled to, through and from the park. The best advice is always given by the one who has experienced the adventure first hand.

This work is so much more than an ebook, because it is also a guide, a tutorial, an inspiration and a must have for anyone interested in wildlife photography. It is an intimate look at what it takes to produce a thought provoking memorable image. The talent and passion of the authors will surely inspire us all to want to get off the couch and travel out to their neck of the woods to appreciate nature at its best.

To purchase The Photographer’s Guide to The Pilanesberg National Park please visit: http://www.kruger-2-kalahari.com/photographers-guide-to-the-pilanesberg.html

To learn more about the authors of The Photographer’s Guide to Pilanesberg National Park: Mario Fazekas, Jenny Fazekas & Edward Peach visit their website at:

Mario and Jenny Fazekas

Edward Peach
Edward Peach

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