Mombasa, Kenya

Mombasa South Coast

Mombasa South Coast

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The city of Mombasa lies on the east coast of Kenya, and is often missed as a destination within Kenya. Most visitors to the country arrive in the capital Nairobi, and head out to a safari region within a day, or sometimes a couple of hours. It seems a pity since Mombasa has quite a bit to offer.

It has an electric night life with pubs and night clubs either in the city or at the resorts. For a quieter visit there are a number of interesting sites both historical and cultural that make Mombasa a worthwhile addition to any itinerary. Places such as Bombolulu Workshops, Mombasa Old Town, Fort Jesus, Mombasa Tusks, Hindu Temples and the Gedi Ruins can fill many days of exploring. Then there are the adventures of biking the coast, snorkeling, fishing and scuba diving as well.

Fort Jesus

Fort Jesus

Photo attribution Kenya Tourism

The beaches near Mombasa

Mombasa beaches are divided into regions either north or south of the city. Inviting beaches line the coast and they are popular since many large resorts and some boutique hotels cater to tourists. The warm Indian Ocean laps at the sandy stretches of palm lined beaches adding to the allure.

Northern beaches are more accessible from town, and are great if you are want to be in close proximity to the attractions of Mombasa Old Town. This makes it a more popular coastal area. Some of the beaches worth visiting are Bamburi, Nyali, Viupingo, Kikambala or Shanzu Beach.

Scuba diving is naturally a big attraction. The off shore reefs offer an underground kaleidoscope of coral reefs, brightly colored fish, sea turtles and dolphins. Another under water attraction is wreck diving.

A multitude of wonderful resorts and restaurants are available to complete the experience. Resorts will cater to its guests, offering beach and water activities to fill sun drenched days.

Kenya Beach

Kenya Beach

Southern beaches are generally sandier. Many of the hotels will be in the Diani Beach area which is very nice. The beaches south of Mombasa are popular, and you definitely will not find any deserted beaches here. There are more serene offerings such as Tiwi Beach though.

The further south you go the more exclusive the beaches become. This will increase the price tag on your hotel room. Sometimes it might be worth it if you are looking for a less crowded experience.

The coral reefs offshore create relatively calm sea conditions. Scuba diving as with the north coast is superb. There is an added bonus here. A Marine Reserve has been established around the Wasini Island, a definite favourite for divers and snorkelers.

Not all the fun is in the water though. Rainforests populated with an abundance of birdlife and some wildlife, including baboons, rare colobus monkeys and leopard is found behind the beaches and lines of palm trees.

A safari is fun and fantastic but a bush and beach combo is truly a well rounded African experience.

I would like to say thank you to my dear friend from Tano Safaris in Nairobi, Kenya, Elvira Sims, for helping me with details on this blog. Elvira is an African safari and vacation expert with years of experience. Her clients always feel very well looked after, thanks to her incredible and intimate knowledge of East Africa.

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