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Travel agents are often asked by clients for a list of items that they can take along on their trip to donate to schools or orphanages. This is a tough one because the need is so great in Africa. A new non profit organization called Pack for a Purpose has taken away much of this guess work.

They have partnered with schools, orphanages, other non profits and the hospitality industry to provide a comprehensive list of items needed. They will even give hints on how to pack these items and how much they might weigh, all very important information with the new airline security regulations currently in place. They help with tips on what can be repacked perhaps in Ziploc bags such as pencils, what should be left in its original packages to avoid breakage such as chalk, what can be packed in your luggage and what should go in your carry on. Carry on items are usually the more expensive ones like blood pressure cuffs. Some bulky items such as soccer balls merely need to be deflated to fit in a much smaller packing space.

Every little bit counts and if every traveler packs a mere 5 pounds of supplies to be donated to children at their destination then the communities will benefit tremendously. Anything is welcome, from school supplies to medical supplies to games or clothes. It is important to visit the website before heading out to purchase items to make sure that you purchase correctly. As an example, batteries are expensive or maybe just not an item a rural community has access to so make sure to buy only solar calculators.

Watch this short video to really understand the need and the amazing concept that Packed for a Purpose has brought to life. Video

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  1. Pack for a Purpose is very pleased to see such an accurate and clear article about our non-profit and how it can benefit travelers. Thank you for the post!
    With appreciation,
    Rebecca Rothney
    Founder & Chairperson
    Rebecca Rothney

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