Small Town South Africa – Sedgefield

I am always amazed at the treasures found when traveling through small towns. It is as if they lie in wait to marvel and surprise visitors as they pass through. Sedgefield on the Garden Route of South Africa is one of these sleepy little towns that come alive every Saturday.

The Wild Oats market

Before the Sparrows are up on Saturday mornings, the local farmers and crafters are at the market setting up their stalls. They fill their shelves with locally grown fruit and vegetables and fire up the grills to cook breakfasts that make your mouth water. My personal favorite is the boerewors rolls topped with sheba. It is like a large hot dog made with a sausage that resembles an Italian sausage just more herbal and less spice, topped with an onion and tomato mix that was fried in the sausage oil. Heaven! Tree stumps make great natural seats while taking in the sights.

The Scarab Market

This market is the only dedicated craft market in the area, and is open all week. On Saturday mornings it swells to an even greater market as the lawn fills up with more stores.

Scarab Market

Scarab Market

On Saturday mornings the crafters and artists, arrange their treasures under canopies or under the trees. The variety is astounding. Equally entertaining are the characters that emerge at the market. Some are as flamboyant and eccentric as their art. They love to chat as they flick their dreadlocks to the side, or rearrange bracelets high above the elbow.

Sedfield crafters

For the children, the bakers and candy makers of Sedgefield get quite creative. A marshmallow and ice-cream stick is transformed into characters almost too good to eat, but only almost. Gummies become worms and chocolate covered popcorn becomes pirate treasure. Wooden toys that will last much longer than the plastic store bought ones attract little eyes with bright colors and moving parts.

The ambience is enhanced even further as local musicians fill the crisp morning air with tunes both original and from yesteryear.

The most unique part of Scarab market is its production of recycled paper made from shredded paper and Elephant Dung, but this is another story worthy of its own blog posting.

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