Table Mountain – Cape Town, South Africa

Table Mountain

Cape Town is on the must see list for many travelers visiting South Africa. It is the country’s premier tourist destination. Its attractions include, but certainly not limited to, luxurious wine tasting trips to award winning vineyards, whale watching trips, helicopter flips and of course a visit to Robben Island, a World Heritage Site and museum. These are all must see attractions that one hears about and reads about, but the most stunning feature is Table Mountain that forms a majestic back drop to the Mother City.

Table Mountain is said to have been named for the cloud cover that often rests on its flat peak, just like a table cloth would on a dining room table. The views from the top of the mountain are breath taking. A cable car takes visitors to the top and brings them back down again. There are hiking options, but these are best booked with a licensed operator. The cable car leaves the cable car station at the foot of the mountain, from as early as 8am in the summer (8:30am in the winter months). The last return ride is at 8:30pm in the summer (varies with season but in the winter the last trip down the mountain is at 5pm).

Tickets are now available for purchase online at the Table Mountain website and can be purchased as a one way or round trip. The real advantage is that the online tickets are cheaper. Current online prices run at – Adults: South African Rand R175 – round trip (saving of R20); Adults: South African Rand R92 – one way (saving of R8). Another reason to check the Table Mountain website is that it is an excellent resource for travelers when planning their trip. It offers information on price, weather (important because the cable car won’t operate in strong wind conditions), quick tips on what to wear, do and see.

So don’t forget the Mountain, the next time you are in Cape Town.


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