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Western Etosha National Park

Etosha content is provided by Kruger-2-Kalahari, specialists in wildlife photography, seasoned in more than 100 African Safaris, 95% of them self-drive. We've spent more than 650 days and nights in the African wilderness. Our goal is to promote knowledge and understanding about the earth’s last wilderness areas through images and our experiences.

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Touring Etosha National Park


Western Etosha National Park

Rainbow over the Western Etosha National Park

Rainbow over Western Etosha National Park

When the very first explorers discovered Etosha they enthused about it being wild and unspoilt by humans and this is what people are still looking for today when going on an African safari.

The problem is there are very few places left that can be called unspoilt wilderness areas, with a few exceptions, and the western part of Etosha is one such place.

For the last hundred years western Etosha has been closed to the public but now with the new Dolomite restcamp opening in June 2011 visitors staying at Dolomite camp are allowed to drive into the western part of Etosha, either from Okaukuejo camp or via the Galton Gate.

Entrance and view of Dolomite Camp

Entrance to Dolomite Camp, Western Etosha NP

If you travel from Okaukuejo to Dolomite camp you will notice the vegetation change when you pass Ozonjuiti m'Bari waterhole - the sweet grassveld transitions to thick scrub mopani woodland until you reach Nomab waterhole where the acacia shrubveld starts. The dolomite hills will slowly rise from the horizon as you are driving and then suddenly, when you reach Duineveld waterhole, you will be surrounded by craggy dolomite hills. Dolomite camp is situated on one of these hills overlooking Dolomietpunt waterhole. 

Seven things that make Western Etosha unique

Below: View from Chalet 18, Dolomite Camp | Above right: Hartmann's Mountain Zebra.

View from Dolomite Camp, Chalet #18


Map of Western Etosha National Park Map of Western Etosha National Park

Map of Etosha National Park's Western Region [Read more]

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Nature Photography

If you are a photographer, there are about 20 waterholes in this western part of Etosha of which about half are worth visiting as the others are dry or have been closed. Our favorite waterholes are Klippan, Rateldraf, Dolomietpunt, Okawao, Renostervlei, Olifantsrus and Tobiroen.

We saw a pride of lions, two cheetah, three black rhino, herds of elephant as well as baboons, zebras and giraffe all within a few kilometers of Dolomite camp.

Dolomietpunt waterhole near Dolomite Camp

Dolomietpunt waterhole near Dolomite Camp, Etosha NP Western Region

Dolomietpunt waterhole can be seen from just two chalets (13 and 14) but there is talk of a hide or viewing platform being constructed closer to the waterhole to enable all guests to view the waterhole. If you don't get one of the waterhole-facing chalets it's not a disaster as you can view animals coming to and from the waterhole on the plains below from all the chalets. We stayed in chalet number 18 and we had a great time - we didn't miss seeing the waterhole at all.

If you are a landscape, bird or macro photographer then photographing from the camp is very nice but if you are a wildlife photographer we suggest you focus on visiting the nearby waterholes as Dolomietpunt waterhole is at least 250 - 300 meters from the nearest chalet so wildlife photography can be a challenge if you do not have the right photographic gear, such as a 500 or 600mm lens. And nocturnal photography can be virtually impossible if you do not have a bright light such as a Lightforce 240 Blitz 70W HID spotlight!

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