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Volunteer at Samara Private Game Reserve

Situated in the malaria-free Great Karoo of the Eastern Cape, on the vast plains of the Camdeboo, Samara Private Game Reserve has made it their mission to ensure the regeneration of the lands of the Eastern Cape’s Great Karoo and have been able to proudly reintroduce many endangered species. Samara is a hub of conservation and animal re-introduction efforts in the Great Karoo. Alongside the SACT Tracker Academy at Samara run by one of only two master trackers in South Africa, is the Volunteer Programme.

The volunteer programme offers you the opportunity to experience the incredible and unique landscape of the Great Karoo and contribute to the conservation of this land and the many plants and animals it supports. Samara’s vision is to re-introduce the large diversity of animals that roamed these plains prior to European settlement 200 years ago. By volunteering at Samara you are making a valuable contribution to this ambitious and worthy cause.

As a volunteer you will work on ongoing wildlife research and management projects, as well as assist with community development and environmental education programmes. The volunteer programme is run by South African couple, Alwyn and Hayley, who are Masters (Zoology) students doing their research at Samara on aardvark and cheetah respectively, two of Africa’s most charismatic species. As a volunteer you will spend many hours observing these amazing animals in their natural habitat, an unforgettable experience!

Samara Wildlife Volunteer

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Samara Wildlife Volunteer Programme, situated in South Africa, offers the opportunity to be involved in wildlife research and conservation - including cheetah and vervet monkey research

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The programme has been designed with a strong focus on learning and hands-on involvement in the field. Volunteers leave their mark on Samara by getting their hands dirty building rock dams (gabions) and planting trees as part of our land rehabilitation project and assist with data collection which contributes to recognised scientific research. All fieldwork and projects are preceded by a background talk so that you have a better understanding of the significance and importance of the work you are doing. Volunteers are taught to be competent in all required field techniques, meaning the data collected can be used by management and affiliated organizations. You will leave Samara with a deeper understanding of the bush, as well as useful skills and techniques used in current scientific research, conservation and wildlife management. We also hope you will leave energized by the experience of living so closely with nature.

The projects that volunteers will be involved with at Samara include management and rehabilitation efforts as well as research projects which require data collection and analysis.

Part of the daily activities volunteers will be involved in are:

During volunteers stay at Samara, they will live at the volunteer camp. The rooms are comfortable and there is a communal kitchen where the volunteers and coordinators cook in teams. It is a homely atmosphere giving volunteers a chance to relax and socialize after a day in the field.

Come and get your hands dirty in a unique South African bush experience!

For more information, visit, send us your questions or telephone +1 27 (0)49 891 0558



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