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south africa's national parks and game reserves: mpumalanga and limpopo provinces
Kruger National Park

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Editorial Note: The vast Kruger National Park stretches across two of South Africa’s Provinces: Mpumalanga and Limpopo.

Choice of Accommodation

This is where you decide if you want to stay at one of the up-market Private Lodges or stay at one of the Kruger Camps. 

We enjoy staying at the Kruger's camps because you have more flexibility and privacy in your own vehicle plus the accommodation is much cheaper and you have a choice of  12 main rest camps, 5 bushveld camps, 4 satellite camps and 2 bush lodges. Each one has a choice of accommodation, from camping to huts, bungalows, tents, rondavels, or guesthouses that sleep between 2 to 8 persons.  All bedding and towels are provided. And most of the accommodation have their own refrigerator and braai (barbeque) facilities, this allows you the choice to either  braai at your bungalow or  eat at the restaurant .

A few  camps like Orpen and Satara have floodlit waterholes that attract animals to drink, with the nocturnal predators not far behind.

The Kruger Park normally has specials in the first week of December, but please do check the SANParks website for these seasonal specials before making your booking.

Our  recommended length of stay  per camp is between 3 to 5  nights, which allows you to familiarize yourself with the camp and to maximize your wildlife viewing opportunities in that area. Remember day one you are travelling to the camp, day two you start seeing what game is around the camp by chatting to your neighbors and checking the sighting boards.

Punda Maria Camp, Kruger Park Sighting Board

The Sighting Board at Kruger Park's Punda Maria Camp

By day three you then have a better idea of what is where – lions to the north, cheetah to the south etc.

 Accommodation Types...


Sites for caravans or tents – most have power, except Balule and some sites at Punda Maria. Sites at Lower Sabie have designated boundaries and their own water taps.


Single room units with communal kitchen and communal ablution facilities.
Some units are called 'rondavels' as they are round

Safari Tent

Permanent canvas tent bedrooms on permanent platforms. Some have communal kitchens and communal ablution facilities, while others are fully equipped and have more luxurious trimmings.


Single bedroom units with a bathroom. Some have communal kitchens while others have own kitchenettes with basic kitchen equipment. Some bungalows have perimeter or river views, while others have been upgraded to luxury status.


Single bedroom units with living room, bathroom and kitchen.

Family Cottage

Multiple bedroom units with a living room, bathroom and kitchen.

Guest Cottage

Multiple bedroom units with at least 2 bathrooms of which one is en-suite. Fully equipped kitchen.

Guest House

Multiple bedroom and bathroom units with lounge area and often with bar facility and exclusive view.

Main Camps

Berg-en-Dal - is a medium sized camp located on the banks of Matjulu-Dam. Visitors have a choice of eating at the local cafeteria or they can prepare food at  their bungalow. There is a petrol station, a picnic area for day visitors, public telephones, a restaurant and swimming pool. The camp offers accommodation ranging from tent and caravan sites with power points, three bed bungalows or bigger family bungalows and guesthouses that sleep 6 and 8 people. Berg-en-Dal is set in a rugged mountain environment and has good sightings of White Rhino.

Kruger Berg-en-Dal family cottage

Family Cottage at Berg-en-Dal Camp

Kruger Berg-en-Dal Bungalow, Interior

Interior of Bungalow at Berg-en-Dal

Crocodile Bridge  - This small camp overlooks the Crocodile River and is in the south eastern part of the KNP. It is both a camp and an entry gate into the park. Croc Bridge is a very pretty camp with large trees for shade. They also have a small camp site with power points. Facilities include a small take away with lovely food, plus a small shop and petrol station.

Kruger Braai (Barbecue) at a Crocodile Bridge rondawel

A Rondawel and Braai, Crocoldile Bridge

Letaba - is  a very shady and welcoming camp, located in central Kruger on the banks of the Letaba River in the middle of elephant country. Accommodation ranges from camp sites, tents, huts, bungalows to guesthouses. The camp is known for its elephant exhibition and elephant museum that is well worth a visit. You can see firsthand just how large the tusks are of the Kruger's 'magnificent-seven' elephants. Camp facilities include: cafeteria,  laundry, restaurant, petrol station and a swimming pool.

View - Kruger Letaba Camp Rondawel accommodation

Rondawels at Letaba Camp

Tent at Kruger Letaba

Tent Accommodation at Letaba Camp

Lower Sabie - The camp is situated on the banks of the Sabie River, one of the few perennial rivers to flow through the Kruger National Park. Visitors cannot but feel soothed by the view over the river and the Lebombo Mountains beyond - this makes it one of the most desired camps. The camp is large and has guesthouses, family cottages, bungalows and tents. The tents are our favorite as they look over the fence onto the Sabie River and allow for good photography. You can often spot white rhino, lion, cheetah, elephant and buffalo around the camp, because these animals come down to the river to drink. The camp location provides easy access to the famous 'southern circle', and Sunset Dam which is just outside the camp - great for bird photography.

Mopani -  The camp is situated on the banks of the Pioneer Dam and is named after the mopane veld that surrounds the camp. The camp is one of the newer camps, like Berg en Dal in the south, so it has a more modern feel to it. It has a restaurant, shop, petrol station, swimming pool, bar, lounge, laundry and a walking trail within the camp. Most of the bungalows are private and have been built among the natural vegetation. The dam attracts a lot of wildlife and has two bird hides, Shipandani and Pioneer, on the dam close to the camp.

Olifants -  This camp is in the centre of the Kruger National Park and is a photographer's dream location because it is situated a few hundred meters up on a cliff, providing magnificent views of the river and plains below  where you can see Africa unfold from either the lookout terrace or your river facing bungalow. The area is good for kudu, elephants, lions, wild dog, hippo, crocs and giraffes that come to the Olifants River to bath and to drink. Olifants does not have a camp site or a swimming pool,  but it does have a shop, restaurant and petrol station.  The accommodation is great, it has family cottages, river-facing and veld-facing bungalows and large guesthouses.

Kruger Parks Guest Cottage at Olifants

Olifants Camp Guest Cottage

If you enjoy grand vistas then Olifants is the camp for you!

Kruger - view from Oilifants Bungalow

View from Olifants Camp Bungalow

Orpen - is a small camp situated on the western border of the Kruger National Park which is situated at Orpen Gate. The camp is named after Eileen Orpen who donated the land to SANParks. This camp has 12 small bungalows and three family cottages. These were all renovated in 2009 and look really lovely. It is a good camp to consider to staying at  if you are too late to reach another camp before dark. The sweet grass attracts many browsers and grazers and in turn attracts predators. Orpen does not have restaurant, but they do have a small shop, petrol station and a swimming pool.

Orpen Bungalows, Kruger Park

Bungalows at Orpen Camp

Pretoriuskop -  is one of the oldest rest camps and is located close to the Numbi Gate in the southwest of KNP. What makes the camp special is that impala, vervet monkeys and guinea fowl, who are accustomed to humans, walk around the camp. The accommodation is the traditionally thatched old circular 'rondawels'  which have recently been renovated.  The landscape consists of rocky mountain and steep ridges supporting klipspringer, reedbuck, rhinos, giraffes and wild dogs in the surrounding shrubs.  Other camp facilities include swimming pool, laundry, restaurant and cafeteria and camping site.

Punda Maria - is the most northerly camp, just 8 km from Punda Maria Gate.  Punda Maria camp sits on a hill and still has the old white-washed bungalows, built in the 1930's. At night the lanterns are lit providing the 'old-time' atmosphere.. They have seven superb  large  luxury tents that are secluded from the rest of the camp. The camp has a shop, swimming pool, restaurant, hide and short walking trail within the camp. The camp is rich in bird life. The area is very good for regular sightings of lion, buffalo, kudu, and even the occasional wild dog.

Punda Maria tesnt, Far North Kruger Park

A Tent at Punda Maria Camp

Satara -  camp is situated centrally in the park and is the only 'plains camp, it is the only camp in the Kruger because it is not situated near a river, mountains or hills.  It is the second biggest camp in the KNP and offers a swimming pool, restaurant, cafeteria and laundry. The camp bungalows are built in circles looking onto each other and they have camping sites and a day visitors area. The Satara area attracts a lot of game  which bring the predators like, cheetahs, lions and leopards.

Bungalow, Satara Camp, Kruger National Park

Bungalow at Satara Camp

 • Shingwedzi   - The camp is situated along the banks of the Shingwedzi River in the far north of the park and lies in the middle of the mopane shrubveld.  Only the restaurant, day visitors area and the guest house face the river. All the bungalows are built in two large circles facing each other. The camp is very scenic with its large palm trees  and fever trees. Kaniedood Dam attracts a lot of game to the area and is good for leopards, lion, elephants, buffalo and hundreds of water birds that are attracted to the water and riverine vegetation.   The camp facilities include camping sites, restaurant, swimming pool, cafeteria and laundry.

Shingwedzi Camp bungalow, inside view

Interior of Shingwedzi Camp Bungalow

Shingwedzi Bungalow, Kruger Park

Shingwedzi Camp Bungalow

Skukuza   - is located in the southwest of the Kruger Park and serves as the Headquarters of KNP. Skukuza is located 20 minutes from the Kruger Gate and is the biggest camp inside the KNP. The camp has two swimming pools, a large shop, two restaurants, one overlooking the Sabie River and the other is the old Selati train station, plus a museum, library, conference centre, an ATM, a resident doctor, a vehicle workshop, gas station, post office, car rental,  and 9 hole golf course. Skukuza is situated directly on the Sabie River and animals often come here to drink. The accommodation is diverse, from guesthouses and cottages to tents. Our favorites are the river-facing bungalows, and river-facing family cottages. They also have a large camp site for caravans and tents.

Making Your Booking

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Bushveld Camps

Bush camps are smaller and more private than the main camps. They do not have shops or restaurants and only  Bateleur has plug points for electrical equipment.

All Bushveld camps sell fire wood and Ice. These Bush Camps are great for peace and quiet as well as  macro photography as there are very few people and vehicles to disturb the insects, flowers and reptiles.

All these camps have bird hides where visitors have photographed not just birds but the big-five as well.

Bateleur  camp is in the northern area of the park and is the oldest and smallest bushveld camp, with just seven cottages. The camp was upgraded when Nelson Mandela stayed there and so has air-conditioning and other amenities usually only found in the main camps.

Bateleur Bushveld Camp Bungalow

Bateleur Bushveld Camp Bungalow

Biyamiti  - is in the southern hilly area of the park.

Shimuwini  - means "Place of the Baobab" and this camp is situated along the banks of the Letaba river in central Kruger. The whole camp was renovated after the 2000 floods damaged all the cottages.

Sirheni is the most northerly bushveld camp in the park and is situated on the Sirheni dam.

Kruger Sirheni Bungalow, interior view

Bungalow Interior - Sirheni Camp

Talamati camp is located in central Kruger and it has two bird hide in the camp.

Satellite Camps

Balule is a  satellite camp of Satara. It is a rustic bush camp with little luxury, but a lot of bush romance. It is in central Kruger near the Olifants camp where you have to check in and then drive 11 km to get to the Balule camp. The camp is on the banks of the Olifants river and it suits people who are prepared for self catering and that are happy to share a communal kitchen.

Malelane is a satellite camp of Berg-en-Dal, situated near the Malelane Entrance gate on the very southern border of the park.

Maroela is a satellite of Orpen the camp is situated on the banks of the Timbavati River.

Tamboti is a satellite of Orpen, it has standard and luxury tents and is situated on the banks of the dry Timbavati River

Kruger Tamboti Tent

Tamboti Camp Tent

Tamboti Camp Tent, Kruger NP

Tamboti Camp Tent

Tsendze is a satellite of Mopane camp and is for campers only.

The Bush Lodges

Boulders and Roodewal are private camps, when booking for either camp you have to book out the whole camp.

Boulders Camp Cottages, Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park's Boulders Camp Cottages

Overnight hides

Sable Hide is  situated approximately 10km from of Phalaborwa Gate.  A  hide by day,  then it  transforms into a primitive overnight dwelling, where a select few can experience the Kruger National Park nightlife first hand. The hide overlooks the Sable Dam where an abundance of animals gather to drink. To hear the lion roar and the hippo grunt meters away from where you are sleeping  is a true African experience.

Shipandani Hide  is a bird hide by day and a sleepover by night.  It is situated approximately 3km south of Mopani on the Tsendze River, this is a unique accommodation facility where guests can feel part of nature. Large buffalo herds and many elephant bulls frequent the area meters away from where you are sleeping. 

Shipandani Sleep-Over Hide

Shipandani Sleep-Over Hide

This is your chance to experience Africa in its truest form, but just a word of warning - book when the temperatures are mild, either in the Spring or Autumn months, as summer and winter can get very hot and very cold!

Luxury Lodges

There are also a couple of private lodges in the Park, Imbali Safari Lodge, Jock Safari Lodge, Lukimbi, Rhino Walking Safaris, Shishangeni Private Lodge, Singita Lebombo Private Lodge, Tinga and Pafuri Camp, who offer luxurious accommodation and fully guided safaris in open Land Rovers with professional trackers and guides.

Then there are other private Game Reserves and Lodges just outside Kruger National Park Gates, which share the south-western border with the Kruger National Park. Some of the more well-known game reserves are  Singita, Sabi Sabi, Mala Mala, Idube and Ulusaba.

Making Your Booking

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